Each horse and rider combination offers unique sensations.
Flex-on aims to allow the rider to enhance this experience through a wide range of products, in particular the new generation stirrup which offers unrivaled comfort and is fully customisable.

Each product is manufactured in France with care and passion. Flex-On brand working to offer innovative stirrups for equestrian sports, combining design, comfort and performance.


The Flex-On stirrup could help to reduce rider fatigue. Through a study conducted at the “Sport Controle” agency specializing in medical and health assessment, the Flex-On stirrup could help to reduce rider fatigue.

Conclusion of the study :

“Whether through kinematic or vibration analysis, Flex-On stirrups emerge as the most suitable for riding. They are generally the ones that best absorb vibrations in the different joints. They make it possible to reduce the burden of muscle work, either to help segmental alignment or force the rider to protect himself against vibrations.

the angle of the Flex-On stirrup tread also plays a role. The results suggest that the Flex-On design is technically relevant.”

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