Green Composite Stirrup Black

 272,000  217,600

“A Flex-On for Everyone”

Shock absobers Black – “ON” White
Shock absobers Red – “ON” Red
Shock absobers White – “ON” White
Footrest: Inclined Ultra-Grip

Designed from an organically sourced polyamide material, the Green Composite stirrup is designed on the same model as the Aluminium Flex-on stirrup. It can be cleaned with water and is therefore easier to maintain. It is aimed at a wider range of riders.

Still providing dramatically improved technical performance in terms of shock absorption and ergonomics (a specific feature of Flex-on), it has an internal steel frame to reinforce the polymer part. The Green Composite stirrup is designed to be competitively priced while still maintaining Flex-on’s established quality and design features.


Shock Absorbers Color

Black, Red, White


FLEX-ON stirrups are the most suitable for riding. They essentially offer the best absorption of vibration and protection of the rider's joints.
They make it possible to reduce the burden of muscle work and allow for a reduction of muscular effort by improving the alignment of the rider.

Features :
Shock absobers Red – "ON" Red
Shock absobers Black – "ON" White
Shock absobers White – "ON" White

Steel reinforced frame
Easy to clean
Inclined Ultra Grip footrest
Interchangeable magnetic stickers

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