Rumba S

The “S” innovation farther refines closeness to be horse to produce a contact which is both light and precise. Combined with the advantages of the classic Rumba, the Rumba S is designed for riders seeking freedom of action as close as possible to the horse.

Unique Macel design with S innovation
Single flap, calfskin leather lined

V strap girthing system

Leather Colors (Body)

Black, Brown, Fawn, Mahogany

Wire Colors

Black, Blue, Brown, Cream, Fawn, Red, White

Panels Color

Tawny, Mahogany, Dark Brown, Black

Seat Size

16", 16"5, 17", 17"5, 18", 18,5"

Seat's Piping

Tawny, Mahogany, Dark Brown, Black, White, Red, Blue, Beige, Orange, Purple


Tree : unique MACEL design

Custom-made MACEL saddles are developed from your and your horse morphology.
A tailor-made saddle will not be suitable for all horses. If you want a saddle to use with some horses, we can made a standard size.

Shipping informations

All Macel saddles are made to order by hand. These Orders will be processed in the order in which they are received.
Because of the sanitary situation, and the new rules established by the French government, the Macel factory will reopen the May 11th.
V.E. Lab Atelier will send all your orders directly to them but they will not be able to produce your order before this date.

Thank you for your understanding.

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